Large gun selection and ammunition available at Timberline Sports-N-Convenience

Timberline Sports is conveniently located in the middle of Northern Minnesota where there’s plenty of woods to hunt in.

From birds and other small game to deer and bear hunting, we’ve got the supplies you need for any season. We’re more than just a convenient place to stop for gas, we’re your one stop shop for hunting supplies.

With over 500 firearms in stock, we’re bound to have one that fits your needs. Whether you’re shopping for sport or hunting, we’ve got you covered with pistols, rifles, and shot guns. Plus, we carry the necessary ammo.

Forget to pick up your license before leaving home? We’ve got you covered! Your hunting license is one of the most important things to pick up before heading out to the woods.

The element of surprise is key to securing your prey. Don’t alert your game of your presence, instead, pick up a scent to mask that you’re waiting for them.

Instead of searching out animals such as birds or deer, call them to you. We carry a variety of game calls to attract your target.

Hunting with a muzzleloader presents a unique challenge to the skilled hunter. There’s no second chance, one shot is all you’ve got. Muzzleloader hunting also has its benefits. You can hunt an extended season, which means it’s likely to be less crowded. Sound fun? We have everything you need to get started.

Disguise your movement by hiding behind a blind. We sell blinds for all situations including ground blinds, layout blinds, waterfowl blinds, and blind accessories.

We sell all of the necessary traps and accessories you’ll need to catch that trophy worthy furbearer.

If you’re looking for a bow that is accurate, fast, and compact, a cross bow will fit your needs perfectly. We offer accurate cross bows from trusted brands to prepare you for your next hunt.

Scopes are essential to see game in the distance and increase your chances of an accurate shot. Having the right scope will improve your long range shooting and help you get the prize.

We have a full inventory of sporting goods items, but if you can’t find what you need, we don’t want you to leave disappointed. That’s why we can also make a special order, so that you can get the item that will fit your needs.

Some Brands We Love